Volunteer Expectations

  • CommitmentWe ask that you attend at least one day per week for the program you commit to, but you are welcome to go to as many programs and as many dates as possible. If you miss a session, your student misses out on a chance to get you know better and the program suffers as a whole. Before you commit to PAIR, please make sure you are willing to dedicate the amount of time and energy it will take to be a good volunteer.
  • Enthusiasm: Volunteers who are excited about session and planning meetings are the best volunteers. Both students and other volunteers are more willing to work with an enthusiastic volunteer!
  • Responsibility: This entails being on time for meetings and session, alerting your coordinator at least a week in advance if you cannot attend a session or if you will be late to a session, and turning in the required paperwork
  • Initiative: Often times, volunteers find that the program could be improved in some way. Take the initiative to come to planning meetings and let the program coordinators know your ideas. We love when volunteers step up to carry out their ideas, support their coordinators, and become leaders in the classroom.
  • Reflection: Take time to think back on each program session – it will truly change how you approach each session. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself: What went well? What did I enjoy? What kind of impact did I make? How could I have improved as a volunteer? What do I look forward to next session? Why do I volunteer with PAIR? What have I learned from working with PAIR students?

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